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Tomorrow is Election Day! Ballot Questions Explained; Candidate Info for Statewide Races

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8! Looking for explanations on those ballot questions? Click the links below for:

  • brief summaries of each question

  • short, 150-word statements of supporting and opposing positions

  • links to the full language of each proposed amendment/law

Ballot Question 1Additional Tax on Income Over One Million Dollars

Ballot Question 2Regulation of Dental Insurance

Ballot Question 3 Expanded Availability of Licenses for the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

Ballot Question 4Eligibility for Driver’s Licenses

  • For a downloadable PDF of the MA Information for Voters booklet (aka the "red book") and additional details, click here.


Candidate Info for Statewide Office Races

A couple of useful tools let you enter your address and see exactly what will be on your ballot, along with helpful details about the ballot questions and candidates: and The statewide races that may be on your ballot (depending on your address) are:

  • Representative in United States Congress

  • Governor

  • Lieutenant Governor

  • Attorney General

  • Secretary of State

  • State Treasurer

  • State Auditor

  • Governor's Council

  • State Senator

  • State Representative

  • District Attorney

  • Sheriff

  • County Commissioner (only in certain counties)

Visit or for details on the candidates.


For more information on the upcoming election, including how and where to vote Early By Mail, Early In Person, or On Election Day In Person; candidate and ballot question details and more, please visit

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