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What's On The Ballot?

Ballot Questions and Statewide Offices - Here's Where to Find More Info!

A couple of useful tools let you enter your address and see exactly what will be on your ballot, along with helpful details about the ballot questions and candidates:


The state races that may be on your ballot (depending on your address) are:

  • Representative in United States Congress

  • Governor

  • Lieutenant Governor

  • Attorney General

  • Secretary of State

  • State Treasurer

  • State Auditor

  • Governor's Council

  • State Senator

  • State Representative

  • District Attorney

  • Sheriff

  • County Commissioner (only in certain counties)

Visit or for details on the candidates.

​The Ballot Questions are:

Ballot Question 1 – Additional Tax on Income Over One Million Dollars

Ballot Question 2 – Regulation of Dental Insurance

Ballot Question 3 – Expanded Availability of Licenses for the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

Ballot Question 4 – Eligibility for Driver’s Licenses

Sudbury Specimen Ballot:

Side 1:

Side 2:


For more information on the upcoming election, including how and where to vote Early By Mail, Early In Person, or On Election Day In Person; candidate and ballot question details and more, please visit

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