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What is Annual Town Meeting?

Town Meeting is the legislative body of Sudbury, and the registered voters who attend are the

legislators. Town Meeting votes on bylaws, spending (including budgets and borrowing), resolutions, and more.


During Town Meeting, the Town Moderator is your guide, and the Warrant is your guidebook. The

Warrant lists the basic rules and procedures for conducting Town Meeting and provides information about each of the articles – including article sponsors, what the article would do, the vote count required to pass the article, and whether the article is supported by the Select Board and Finance Committee.


Every household in Sudbury will be mailed a paper copy of the Warrant, and a digital copy is available here. Review the information in the Warrant carefully prior to the meeting and make a note of any questions or comments you have. The sponsor of each article will make a presentation at the meeting and take questions and comments from the voters. You can find a table of all the articles with supplementary information, if available, here.


Sudbury has an “open” town meeting, which means that all Sudbury registered voters are eligible to vote at the meeting. You must be present to vote; there is no remote or absentee voting. The deadline to register to vote for this meeting is Friday, April 26. Check your voter registration status or register to vote here.


You can learn more about town meetings in the Citizen’s Guide to Town Meeting and here. Recordings of Sudbury’s past town meetings are available on demand on SudburyTV.


Sudbury’s Annual Town Meeting will begin in one month on Monday, May 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, 390 Lincoln Road.

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