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League Supports 19 Warrant Articles at Town Meeting

The League of Women Voters of Sudbury supports 19 articles on the Annual Town Meeting warrant, based on local, state and national LWV positions. The League is in favor of Articles 33 and 34 creating a zoning bylaw to comply with the MBTA Communities Act. League members could not reach a consensus on Article 16, amending the zoning bylaw to establish criteria for firearms business uses, and so the League takes no stand on that article.


The League urges Sudbury voters to attend Town Meeting and participate as citizen legislators.   Town Meeting starts Monday, May 6, at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.  Information is available on the League website,


In addition to their decisions on the MBTA Communities Act and gun shops articles, League members voted to support:  Article 15 to extend the means-tested senior tax exemption; Article 17 to acquire two historic railroad-related structures; Article 20 for culvert and drainage reconstruction; Article 23 for Atkinson pool renovation; and Article 28 for electric car charging stations at the library.


On the Community Preservation Act proposals, the League supports Article 37 to allocate funds to the Sudbury Housing Authority to replace two single-family homes with two duplexes. The League, however, asks the SHA to guarantee that families currently living in these homes and in any future homes scheduled for redevelopment will be relocated to comparable housing at a comparable rent in Sudbury, suitable for their family size and without disrupting the schooling of any children involved.


The League supports the other nine CPA-submitted proposals, Articles 35 and 36, and Articles 38-44.


The League urges a yes vote on Article 45, to amend the bylaws to correct the omission of the word “disability.”


The League does not have positions that cover other warrant articles so cannot take a stand on those articles.  

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