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League Supports 19 Warrant Articles at Town Meeting

The League of Women Voters of Sudbury urges Sudbury voters to attend the Annual Town Meeting and participate as citizen legislators. Town meeting starts Monday, May 1, at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. Details about the meeting, including information on the new electronic "clicker" voting system, are on the Town website here.

The Sudbury League supports 19 articles on the Town Meeting warrant, based on local, state and national LWV positions. We urge a yes vote on Article 14 to fund the Go Sudbury! Transportation program; Article 15 for Fairbank Community Center audio-visual equipment to enhance Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance; Article 24 to continue addressing ADA deficiencies; Article 30 to amend the bylaws on the solar energy revolving fund; and Article 31 for a solar project at the Fairbank Community Center.

The League also supports all 14 of the Community Preservation Act proposals, Articles 41 through 54.

The League opposes Articles 20 and 21 to add surveillance cameras in the elementary and middle schools and to replace the camera system in the high school, since there is no assurance that these systems will not use or be adapted to use facial recognition software. The League is currently advocating for a state moratorium on the use of facial recognition systems until laws are passed regulating them.

The League takes no stand on Article 16 supporting a 10-cent fee on checkout bags because of conflicting impacts. The League supports efforts to reduce waste, but is concerned about the impact of such a fee on lower-income shoppers.

The League takes no stand on Article 55, the citizen petition on control of firearms. While there are strong League gun control positions, the League feels potential consequences of this article have not been fully considered.

Despite having positions that might enable support, the League is taking no stand because of lack of sufficient information on Article 17 on transferring Medicaid reimbursement funds within the Sudbury Public School system; Article 38 on water resource protection overlay districts; and Article 39 on adding a Sudbury Housing Trust Bylaw to the town bylaws.

The League does not have positions that cover other articles so cannot take a stand on those issues.


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