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Goodnow Library Trustees Candidates’ Forum Now Available

View it on Sudbury TV in its entirety, or use the linked index to advance right to the topics that interest you.

The Goodnow Library Trustees Candidates' Forum, recorded March 5, 2023, is now available for viewing via Sudbury TV:

Participating in the Forum were Tim Anderson, Lissa Iwasaki and Ingrid Mayyasi. Moderated by Susan Flicop, the candidates covered a variety of topics based on questions submitted by the public, including:

  • The Trustees' relationships with the Friends of Goodnow Library and the Goodnow Library Foundation

  • Library policy regarding book challenges

  • Equity, accessiblity, and the design of programs for all patrons

and more. You can view an index of topics, and advance directly to the questions that interest you.

To find a program schedule for videwing on cable TV (via cable channels Comcast 8 and Verizon 31):


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