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Ballot Questions Explained - Question 1: Additional Tax on Income Over One Million Dollars

Want to know more about Question 1? Click here to watch the LWV MA's voter education forum on Question 1:

Cut to the chase:

  • Skip ahead to 5 minutes 30 seconds (through 10min 15 seconds) to hear the "No On 1" campaign's position on the question.

  • Skip ahead to 10 minutes 30 seconds (through 15min 40 seconds) to hear the "Yes" side's (the "Fair Share Amendment") position.

  • Skip ahead to the 16 minute mark to hear both campaigns' responses to questions that were submitted by the public through the League

  • PS: this 3rd option is where YOUR questions have been addressed - i.e. the good stuff!! If you're short on time, go right here and spend 10-15 minutes listening to their answers.

More info on Question 1:"Additional Tax on Income Over One Million Dollars"


For more information on the upcoming election, including how and where to vote Early By Mail, Early In Person, or On Election Day In Person; candidate and ballot question details and more, please visit

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