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Ballot Questions Explained - Question 1: Additional Tax on Income Over One Million Dollars

Want to know more about Question 1? Click here to watch the LWV MA's voter education forum on Question 1:

Cut to the chase:

  • Skip ahead to 5 minutes 30 seconds (through 10min 15 seconds) to hear the "No On 1" campaign's position on the question.

  • Skip ahead to 10 minutes 30 seconds (through 15min 40 seconds) to hear the "Yes" side's (the "Fair Share Amendment") position.

  • Skip ahead to the 16 minute mark to hear both campaigns' responses to questions that were submitted by the public through the League

    • PS: this 3rd option is where YOUR questions have been addressed - i.e. the good stuff!! If you're short on time, go right here and spend 10-15 minutes listening to their answers.


For more information on the upcoming election, including how and where to vote Early By Mail, Early In Person, or On Election Day In Person; candidate and ballot question details and more, please visit

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