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Seventh Pulls for SPS, Third for Select Board

As the Wednesday, Jan. 31, 5 p.m., deadline neared, a seventh person, Richard M. Thalmann, filed an intention (“pulled papers”) to run for Sudbury School Committee (grades pre-K-8) in the March 25 Annual Town Election, and one person, Carla Curley, withdrew. A third person, Eric D. Poch, filed an intention to run for Select Board. Poch serves on the Finance Committee.


There are two open seats on the Select Board and the Sudbury School Committee.


Four more potential candidates returned their nomination papers (“signatures”) Wednesday:  Mary T. Stephens for Sudbury School Committee, Eriko Frank for Goodnow Library Trustee, Joshua Fox for Board of Assessors, and Linda Huet-Clayton for Board of Health. Nomination papers must be returned by Friday, Feb. 2 at 5 p.m.


To become an official candidate and appear on the ballot, those running must file their intention to run with the Town Clerk or L-S District Clerk, gather signatures of registered voters on their nomination papers, return those papers to the Town Clerk or L-S District Clerk, and then those signatures must be certified by the Town Clerk’s office.


There are 17 open positions on this year's Annual Town Election ballot. You can find a complete list here. You can find information about how to run for office here and on the website. Any Sudbury registered voter may run for office. Potential candidates do not need permission from a board or committee to run. You can learn how to register to vote or update your voter registration here or at


According to the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional District Clerk, as of 5:09 p.m. Jan. 31, and the Sudbury Town Clerk’s office, as of 5:01 p.m. Jan. 31, the following people have filed an intention to run:


Select Board

(2 seats, 3 years)

Janie Dretler (official candidate)

Daniel E. Carty

Eric D. Poch


Sudbury School Committee

(2 seats, 3 years)

Karyn Jones (official candidate)

Danielle Stackpole

Silvia M. Nerssessian (official candidate)

Jean O. Nam

Mary T. Stephens

Richard M. Thalmann

(Carla Curley - withdrawn)


Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District Committee

(2 seats, 3 years)

Catherine Bitter (Lincoln resident) (official candidate)

Maura Carty (Sudbury resident) (official candidate)



(1 seat, 3 years)

Catharine V. Blake


Board of Assessors

(1 seat, 3 years)

Joshua Fox


Goodnow Library Trustee

(2 seats, 3 years)

Megan Kelley

Eriko Frank


Board of Health

(1 seat, 3 years)

Linda Huet-Clayton


Park and Recreation Commission

(2 seats, 3 years)

Laurie Eliason (official candidate)

Robert C. Beagan


Park and Recreation Commission

(1 seat, 1 year to fill a vacancy)

William Atkeson


Planning Board

(2 seats, 3 years)

John Sugrue

Stephen Garvin

Christopher Marotta


Commissioner of Housing Authority

(1 seat, 5 years)

Sherrill P. Cline (official candidate)

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