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Select Board Candidates' Forum Now Available!

The Select Board Candidates Forum for the 2022 Annual Town Election is now ready for viewing via SudburyTV.

Candidates participating were Jennifer Roberts, Lisa Kouchakdjian, and Eric Poch. The forum was moderated by Joanne Berry, and recorded by SudburyTV.

Topics discussed by the Select Board candidates included:

  • Top Priorities

  • Sewataro

  • Commercial Development

  • DEI Commission

  • The L-S Regional Agreement

  • ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan

  • Town Manager Contract

  • Fairbanks Community Center

  • ARPA Funds

The recording has an index linking to each question, so you can go right to the issues you care most about and watch and listen a few minutes at a time.

Link to Select Board Candidates' Forum:

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