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Voters Guide


​Each year, the League of Women Voters of Sudbury compiles a Voters' Guide for the local election as a service to voters.  The Annual Town Election is Monday, March 27.  Voters can vote by mail in advance or in person on Election Day. There is no in-person early voting. (See Election FAQs.)


There are 16 candidates running for 13 open positions on the ballot this year, and two ballot questions.

See a Specimen Ballot and the Election Warrant on the town website.

Candidates in contested races are:

  • Select Board (1 seat, 3 years): Charles Russo and Radha Raman Gargeya

  • Planning Board (1 seat, three years): John D. Riordan, Julie Zelermeyer Perlman

  • Goodnow Library Trustee (2 seats, 3 years): Ingrid Mayyasi, Timothy Alan Anderson, Elizabeth Iwasaki

Candidates in uncontested races are:

  • Board of Assessors (1 seat, 3 years): Liam Joseph Vesely

  • Board of Health (1 seat, three years): Susan Sama

  • Park and Recreation Commissioner (1 seat, 3 years): Benjamin Carmel

  • Commissioner of Housing Authority (1 seat, 5 years): Frank W. Riepe

  • Sudbury School Committee (2 seats, 3 years): Mandy Sim, Nicole Burnard

  • Sudbury School Committee (1 seat, 1 year): Sarah Troiano

  • Lincoln-Sudbury School Committee (2 seats, three years): Ravi Simon (Sudbury), Lucy Mason Maulsby (Lincoln)


In addition to gathering basic details, the Voters' Guide asks candidates to answer this question:

"What are the first two issues you would address if elected, and how would you address them?" 


The candidates were asked to limit their responses to 100 words, and the responses appear as the candidates wrote them.   

*** This page will be updated as candidate responses are received, and are presented in alphabetical order by office sought. ***


Liam Vesely

Board of Assessors

NAME: Liam Vesely

ADDRESS: Pokonoket Ave.


I am running for the position of assessor on the Board of Assessors. My knowledge and experience as an incumbent allow me to consider and decide on assessment matters in accordance with the legal obligations that come with the office. I pledge to listen and act in a fair and thoughtful manner to all Sudbury citizens who come before the Board with their business.

Issues: 1. Keeping Sudbury citizens informed of assessing information, programs and services through our website and outreach services; 2. Ensuring that the Board of Assessors is accessible to those who have business before the Board.

Susan Sama

Board of Health

NAME: Susan R. Sama

ADDRESS: 247 Hudson Road

OCCUPATION: Epidemiologist

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Board of Health

Website and/or Facebook page, if any: N/A

New Health Director: We are in the process of interviewing to hire a new Health Director. I would meet with the new Director regularly to support their transition to Sudbury’s Health Department, as well as providing routine epidemiologic support.

Updating Technology and Regulations: Working with colleagues in the Health Department to continue implementing new technologies such as ViewPermit and resume work to revise some of our regulations that need to be updated.

Elizabeth Iwasaki

Goodnow Library Trustee

NAME: Elizabeth (Lissa) Iwasaki

ADDRESS: 24 Surrey Lane

OCCUPATION: Library Assistant, Weston Public Schools

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Goodnow Library Trustee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any: Lissa Iwasaki for Library Trustee

Libraries are for everyone, and that means equity is essential. Equity for everyone in Sudbury. So our home-bound patrons can still access books and services. And programs are available for children of all ages and abilities. And Sudbury’s changing population is reflected in our collection and programs, like the recent Lunar New Year celebration. I also think protecting our library from challenges is critical. We are naive to think it can only happen elsewhere. Book and activity challenges are happening in Massachusetts right now, and our library should be prepared with policies and strategies to ensure that a single perspective can’t take our wonderful library from us.

Timothy Anderson

Goodnow Library Trustee

NAME: Timothy Anderson

ADDRESS: 19 Raynor Road

OCCUPATION: Computer programmer

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Goodnow Library Trustee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

Our library is a place for learning, study, even entertainment—but it is also a center of our community. My first goal is to restore some of that community: the relationship between the library and its Friends organization was and remains fractured. We can and should repair it, by listening, compromising, and putting the library community ahead of personal interests. Second, I want to grow the library community—with more of us as volunteers, as supporters, even as participants at Library Board meetings. We can all benefit from the library, and we can all contribute to its health and growth.

Ingrid Mayyasi

Goodnow Library Trustee

NAME: Ingrid Mayyasi

ADDRESS: 65 Pokonoket Ave.

OCCUPATION: School Librarian

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Goodnow Library Trustee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:


I will prioritize inclusion and outreach to ensure that all members of our community have access to resources and programs they need. I will work to create a welcoming and inclusive space for all and build partnerships with local organizations to bring new and diverse perspectives to our library.

I will also prioritize sustainability, library wide. I will work to promote practices in the library, from reducing waste to supporting environmentally-friendly initiatives. I want to ensure that the library is a hub of educational and environmental resources. The library should become a role model in the area of sustainability.

Ravi Simon

Lincoln-Sudbury School Committee

NAME: Ravi Simon

ADDRESS: 437 Cold Brook Drive, 1-314, Sudbury, MA 01776

OCCUPATION: Legislative Aide, State Representative Carmine Gentile

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Lincoln-Sudbury School Committee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

My priority will be ensuring a smooth transition for the new incoming Superintendent/Principal and that further decisions, such as a process to separate the Superintendent/Principal positions, are done through a transparent, inclusive process for both Sudbury and Lincoln.

I am also concerned by the over 20% increase in transportation costs in the new bus contract. I feel that the LSSC should be looking at the feasibility of taking over the bus fleet, as Concord-Carlisle and Acton-Boxborough have done.

Lucy Maulsby

Lincoln-Sudbury School Committee

NAME: Lucy Maulsby

ADDRESS: 30 Tower Rd., Lincoln


OFFICE YOU SEEK: Lincoln-Sudbury School Committee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any: NA

I look forward to helping shape the future of LSRH as the school transitions to new leadership at a critical time in the institution’s history. I will also aim to foster an environment of thoughtful, respectful, transparent, and collegial participation and debate within the School Committee. More broadly, I will advocate for the various stake holders–students, parents, faculty, and staff–that are critical to the success of LS; work to maintain the excellence of the many programs that LS supports; and facilitate communication and engagement among Lincoln, Sudbury, and Boston to collaboratively impact the broad LS community.

Julie Zelermyer Perlman

Planning Board

NAME: Julie Zelermyer Perlman

ADDRESS: 4 Blacksmith Dr

OCCUPATION: Corporate Real Estate, Lecturer

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Planning Board

Website and/or Facebook page, if any: N/A

I have enjoyed giving back to the town over the past year as an Associate Member of the Planning Board. I seek to continue serving as a steward for Sudbury’s historic and rural character as the town grows.

Charlie Russo

Select Board

NAME: Charlie Russo

ADDRESS: 30 Juniper Road, Sudbury, MA 01776

OCCUPATION: Proposal Manager

OFFICE YOU SEEK: re-election to Select Board

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

Overseeing/completing major construction projects – BFRT, Fire Station 2, Fairbank Community Center, Eversource – now underway in Town is critical to improve services to residents and create capacity for new projects. I offer institutional knowledge and a record of success in advancing projects that benefit residents.

Ensuring post-pandemic equity is also crucial, as Covid did not affect everyone equally. This includes supporting resources for students, programming for seniors and children at the new Community Center, and services to vulnerable populations.

Looking ahead, the CWMP and two upcoming rail trails give the opportunity to re-vision Route 20 as a more pleasant commercial area.

Radha Raman Gargeya

Select Board

NAME: Radha Raman Gargeya

ADDRESS: 120 Powder Mill Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776

OCCUPATION: Software Engineer


Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

I will build on Sudbury’s strengths to ensure the excellence of our quality of life, public schools, town planning, and economic health. I will do so in an efficient way.

The first two issues are enhancing sustainability, including renewable energy, and following through on long-term capital planning.

I led the high school solar canopy installation as a member and leader of the Lincoln-Sudbury School Committee. I led technology upgrades and softball field projects at L-S.

I did this in collaboration and consultation with the community and town officials. I will use that experience to serve the entire town of Sudbury.

Frank W. Riepe

Sudbury Housing Authority

NAME: Frank W. Riepe

ADDRESS: 54 Newbridge Rd.

OCCUPATION: Retired architect

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Commissioner of Housing Authority

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

Sarah Troiano

Sudbury School Committee

NAME: Sarah Troiano

ADDRESS: 342 Lincoln Road, Sudbury, MA 01776

OCCUPATION: Stay-at-home Mom, current member Sudbury School Committee

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Sudbury School Committee Member (1 year term)

Website and/or Facebook page, if any: Facebook: Sarah for School Committee

It has been an honor to serve on the Sudbury School Committee the last three years. If re-elected, I will collaborate with my fellow Committee members, teachers, and administrators to continue the work of meeting the needs of ALL learners in the District and further advancing our Equity work. Specifically, this would include ensuring we have the financial resources to address the myriad impacts of the pandemic on student mental health and academic outcomes, continuing to review annual benchmarking data on student performance, and funding equity initiatives such as professional development and curriculum review.

Nicole Burnard

Sudbury School Committee

NAME: Nicole Burnard

ADDRESS: 42 Great Lake Drive


OFFICE YOU SEEK: Sudbury School Committee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

#1 - Sound mental health provides an essential foundation of stability that supports the
formation of friendships and academic success. Our children are struggling to navigate the post pandemic world and their mental health is my top priority. Adding mental and behavioral health staff to further support those in need is crucial and I fully support the need.

#2 - Heroic efforts of students to learn and educators to teach were truly inspiring during Covid however our kids lost essential in person learning. We still have “catch up” work to do and I plan to advocate for the growing needs of our students.

Mandy Sim

Sudbury School Committee

NAME: Mandy Sim

ADDRESS: 11 Mossman Road

OCCUPATION: Business Owner

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Sudbury School Committee, re-election

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

It has been an honor to serve on the Sudbury School Committee for the past year and a half. I look forward to continuing to put the needs of our students first and ensure our District is equipped to support our students in this post-pandemic world. I am proud of our current budget that clearly prioritizes the social emotional and mental health of our students while also putting forth new initiatives such as reviewing our Early Childhood Education program. I will continue to support the equity work being done in our Schools and ensure Sudbury remains a top District in the Commonwealth

Ballot Question Information 

The Select Board voted Feb. 9 to add two ballot questions to the Monday, March 27, town election ballot:

  • Ballot question 1:  a $745,460 Proposition 2 ½ override for the Sudbury Public Schools (PreK-8).  The  Sudbury School Committee requested (p.67) that its override question be on the March 27 ballot.

  • Ballot question 2: a capital exclusion of $1,020,000 for the purchase of a fire engine.

The exact language of the ballot questions with brief summaries is on the town website here.

For more information, including recorded forums discussing the questions, please see our Ballot Questions page.

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