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On March 28, 2022, Sudbury registered voters will vote for the following positions:

Contested Races:


Board of Health 

(Three-year term, vote for one)

  • Carol Bradford

  • Ashley Horgan


Goodnow Library Trustee

(Three-year term, vote for two)

  • Timothy Anderson

  • Alice Levine

  • Katina Fontes

  • Jean Nam


Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School Committee 

(Three-year term, vote for two) 

  • Maura Carty

  • Cara Endyke-Doran

  • Kevin Matthews


Park & Recreation 

(Three-year term, vote for two)

  • Mara Huston

  • Richard Williamson (write-in candidate)


Select Board

(Three-year term, vote for two)

  • Lisa Kouchakdjian

  • Eric Poch

  • Jennifer Roberts

Uncontested Races:


Board of Assessors 

(Three-year term, vote for one)

  • Trevor Hayden


Planning Board 

(Three-year term, vote for two)

  • Justin Finnicum 

  • Anuraj Shah

Sudbury Housing Authority 

(Five-year term, vote for one)

  • Steve Swanger


Sudbury School Committee

(Three-year term, vote for one)

  • Meredith Gerson


(One-year term, vote for one)

  • Mandy Sim


To assist voters with making their decisions, Candidates' Forum videos for each contested race (and a combined forum for the uncontested races) will be available via SudburyTV.  The Candidates Forum also includes write-in candidates under certain conditions.


Watch on at the links below:

Board of Health

Goodnow Library Trustees 

Select Board

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School Committee

Uncontested Races 

You can also check SudburyTV's program schedule to view them on cable TV:


Each year, the League of Women Voters of Sudbury compiles a Voters' Guide to the local elections as a service to voters. Candidates' responses for the Voters' Guide appear below, in alphabetical order of the office sought.

NEW!  Download the complete 2022 Voters' Guide PDF (all of the candidates' responses below, in a single convenient document)


We asked candidates to answer this question:


"What are the first two issues you would address if elected, and how would you address them?"

The candidates were asked to limit their responses to 100 words, and the responses in this guide are as the candidates wrote them.  

NAME: Ashley Horgan

ADDRESS:  38 Willow Rd.

OCCUPATION:  Registered Nurse

OFFICE YOU SEEK:  Board of Health

If elected to the Board of Health I would re-evaluate the ARPA funding, and prioritize the needs in the community that have been neglected due to the pandemic. Identifying the barriers for residents who are trying to obtain tests is the first issue to address. Educating residents on how to obtain free covid tests through would be more cost effective, and allow Sudbury to use the funds towards the mental health crisis. Increasing the opportunities, and properly advertising our hazardous waste days that have been absent for 2 years is also essential in re-prioritizing the needs of our town.

Candidate for Board of Health

Ashley Horgan

NAME: Carol Bradford

ADDRESS: 25 Maple Ave

OCCUPATION: School Nurse

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Board of Health

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

The pandemic has shown that our department is understaffed to meet the needs of residents during long periods of health and economic uncertainty. Hiring an additional social worker is a priority first step to support Sudbury residents who present with significant mental health and financial needs.

The DPH Shared Services Grant presents a unique opportunity to develop working relationships with our partner towns. Finalizing the details for this collaboration is a priority during the current decline in cases. A grant coordinator position will help facilitate the implementation and will allow our health director to meet other key department initiatives.

Candidate for Board of Health

Carol Bradford

NAME: Katina Fontes

ADDRESS: 19 Dorothy Rd


OFFICE YOU SEEK: Goodnow Library Trustee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

I am honored to be running for Goodnow Library Trustee. The first two issues I would tackle would be: 1) Making the library a more inclusive space. While the Goodnow has expanded what it offers patrons and removed barriers like overdue fines, it needs to go further to find obstacles to engagement. For example, we should simplify the application process for getting a library card. 2) Assessing the town archive of historical documents. Improving the current system with additional content and high-resolution images would allow researchers from near and far to tell more diverse stories about our community’s past.

Candidate for Goodnow Library Trustee

Katina Fontes

NAME: Alice Levine

ADDRESS: 42 Chanticleer Road, Sudbury, MA 01776


OFFICE YOU SEEK: Trustee of the Goodnow Library

Website and/or Facebook page, if any: and

I believe the Trustees need to better understand the Open Meeting Law in order to enhance transparency, and I would encourage the entire Board to become more knowledgeable in this area. I also believe that the Trustees need to reach out more to the community to better understand what the community wants from the library. I would create periodic public forums to get feedback from the public on what is working and what is not working at the library, and use that feedback for planning future programs and to adjust the vision the library has for its future.

Candidate for Goodnow Library Trustee

Alice Levine

NAME: Jean Nam

ADDRESS: 81 Newbridge Rd

OCCUPATION: Mom and Volunteer

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Goodnow Library Trustee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any: Website -
Facebook -

My top two priorities are to work on the Strategic Plan and to increase collaboration with the community.

The Library is embarking on a new five year strategic plan. Through meetings and surveys of the trustees, the staff, and the community, I look forward to a plan which keeps the Goodnow Library a sustainable and resilient resource.

I also hope to continue Goodnow’s trajectory of increased community outreach. I will work to welcome and include all groups who want to support the library, and hope that the library can develop a centralized system for all local organizations to find volunteers.

Candidate for Goodnow Library Trustee

Jean Nam

NAME: Timothy Anderson

ADDRESS: 19 Raynor Road

OCCUPATION: Software engineer

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Goodnow Library Trustee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:;

As a new member, I would start by listening, questioning, and reading. Goodnow Library already has staff, a budget, supporters, and plans, and certainly has problems and opportunities that I don’t yet know about; only with more knowledge can I help to decide what is most important.

Second, I would work to re-unite and grow the whole library community. I believe that the Friends and the Foundation both work to make the library better, and that we can cooperate and compromise so that they, and all of their supporters, can help make Goodnow better.

Candidate for Goodnow Library Trustee

Timothy Anderson

NAME: Cara Endyke Doran

ADDRESS: 28 Beechwood Ave, Sudbury, MA

OCCUPATION: International Health

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Lincoln Sudbury Regional School Committee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any: or contact me at

If re-elected to the LS School Committee, I will build on my experience and ensure a program of study that provides a foundation for all our students to grow into successful, responsible adults. This will mean focusing on data-driven monitoring to ensure the quality and equity of our programs for resource allocation.

Additionally, I will continue to foster an environment of social accountability and listen to diverse perspectives. I will serve with the energy and enthusiasm needed to listen to all stakeholders and build partnerships that center on LS remaining a place of optimal learning, growth, and development.

Candidate for Lincoln Sudbury Regional School Committee

Cara Endyke

NAME: Kevin Matthews

ADDRESS: 137 Haynes Road

OCCUPATION: Educational Consultant (Executive Placement)

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District School Committee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

We have many priorities, but there are two that need attention first. These are the ones which remain to be done this year: budget and leadership evaluation.
Our budget has been approved but we need the public’s support for the budget and our capital requests at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting. The evaluation of our Superintendent/Principal was not done in the last two years and must be completed this year. Assessing and planning for the post-pandemic environment, looking at the regional agreement, and planning the next academic year are priorities which will fall into line after these two are completed.

Candidate for Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School Committee

Kevin Matthews

NAME: Maura Carty

ADDRESS: 15 Stonebrook Rd

OCCUPATION: Self Employed – Accounting and Finance Consultant

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Lincoln-Sudbury School Committee

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

Students are my highest priority, and we need to address the ongoing impacts of the pandemic on the students. Student achievement encompasses a child’s social emotional and academic wellbeing. School should be, and CAN be, an energetic and engaging place for optimal learning. I will make data driven decisions, and be an advocate for all students to reach their greatest potential.

A strong and well-informed School Committee allows for an educated and engaged community. I will also advocate for the Committee to begin adhering to best practices, including professional development and Committee meeting materials being shared with the public.

Candidate for Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School Committee

Maura Carty

NAME: Mara Huston

ADDRESS: 578 Peakham Road, Sudbury

OCCUPATION: Recreation Advocate

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Park and Recreation Commission

If re-elected, I will continue to support the various recreational needs of Sudbury residents. Whether its swimming, playing a field or court sport, playing on the playground or just taking a walk to one of our parks. All forms of recreation are important. I will continue to be involved in the Fairbank Community Center project as it moves towards construction and opens to the public. Looking forward, the PRC will be making important capital improvements that will support Sudbury residents for the next generation.

I welcome the opportunity to talk with Sudbury residents about their recreation interests.

Candidate for Park and Recreation Commission

Mara Huston

NAME: Eric Poch

ADDRESS: 28 Ruddock Road

OCCUPATION: Audit and Assurance


Website and/or Facebook page, if any:
FaceBook = @ericpoch4sudbury or

Two issues I would first address as the newest Select Board member:

1. Capital Planning crisis- my unmet request at FinCom (5 years) to prioritize a town-wide Facilities/Space Needs Assessment. With multiple building and renovation projects active and proposed we must get smarter in addressing future space needs to more efficiently invest our capital funding.

2. Financial and Operational Forecasting- working with Town Staff to devising a process that better aligns our budgeting with key personnel and expense demands across the three cost centers to ensure we deliver on key project Articles voted at Town Meeting and other municipal requirements.

Candidate for Select Board

Eric Poch

NAME: Lisa V. Kouchakdjian

ADDRESS: 30 Meadowbrook Circle

OCCUPATION: Public Servant/Attorney

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Sudbury Select Board

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

It is an honor to seek a seat on our Sudbury Select Board. As a two- term member of the Sudbury School Committee I have experience managing our town’s largest budget. As a member of the Select Board I will work to 1) improve capital planning, and 2) build a transparent budget. Smart budgeting will pave the way for Sudbury to deliver top-tier services to residents, strengthen our schools, and invest in our community, all without putting undue burden on taxpayers. I’m ready to get to work for you. When we work together as one community, amazing things happen.

Candidate for Select Board

Lisa V. Kouchakdjian

NAME: Jennifer Roberts

ADDRESS: 14 Griffin Lane, Sudbury, MA 01776

OCCUPATION: Director of Marketing, Financial Planning/Investment Management Firm

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Sudbury Select Board

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

It is my honor to seek re-election to the Select Board. As current Chair, I have championed collaborative leadership, financial acumen, thoughtful discourse, and results-driven work ethic.

My first goal is Covid-19 Pandemic recovery by partnering with Town entities to make fact-based health decisions. I will support resources for schools, health and public safety departments, residents, and businesses, including appropriation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding.
My second goal is to proactively address environmental and climate change goals of the State Next Generation Roadmap legislation by creating strategies to lower carbon emissions, reduce waste, maximize renewable energy, and education.

Candidate for Select Board

Jennifer Roberts

NAME: Steven Swanger

ADDRESS: 14 Bent Brook Rd


OFFICE YOU SEEK: Commissioner, Sudbury Housing Authority

My two priorities would be: 1) to create policies and procedures which support the SHA staff in the provision of well-managed housing that is responsive to the needs of its residents and the town as a whole; and 2) to pursue all opportunities to increase the availability of affordable rental housing in Sudbury.

Candidate for Sudbury Housing Authority

Steven Swanger

NAME: Mandy Sim

ADDRESS: 11 Mossman Road

OCCUPATION: Business Owner

OFFICE YOU SEEK: Sudbury School Committee, 1 year term

Website and/or Facebook page, if any:

As a local parent and small business owner, I am vested in enriching the lives of our children and ensuring we create a diverse, inclusive community that challenges all learners. I am equipped with the financial experience to oversee and approve our budget, the leadership experience to collaborate to set educational goals and policies for our district and ensure those goals are being achieved as well as the management background of hiring, evaluating, firing and the negotiating skills needed to be a part of a strong and effective School Committee. I am dedicated to serving our community and our schools.

Candidate for Sudbury School Committee

Mandy Sim

Please write in Richard Williamson for Park and Recreation.

I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for re-election to the Sudbury Park and Recreation Commission. In the near term, we must guide several important thrusts including the new Community Center, the ongoing need for more field space, and Sewataro. Re-election to the Commission will allow me to continue to serve on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Task force. As a long-term (45 year) resident of Sudbury, I have a good sense of Town needs and issues. When voting in the Town Election on Match 28th, please write in RICHARD WILLIAMSON under Park and Recreation.

Write-In Candidate for Sudbury Park and Recreation Commission

Richard Williamson