LWV Tables Candidates’ Forums

The League of Women Voters of Sudbury has cancelled plans for two candidates’ forums this fall, for the Fifth Congressional District and the Middlesex & Worcester State Senate seats.

Fourteen Leagues of Women Voters in the Fifth Congressional District offered to sponsor a candidates’ forum in the race between Rep. Katherine Clark, Democrat, and Caroline Colarusso, Republican.

Clark declined the invitation. Colarusso accepted it. Clark and Colarusso did participate in a League of Women Voters forum in 2020.

Closer to home, the Sudbury League has cancelled plans to hold a candidates’ forum for the newly-drawn Middlesex & Worcester State Senate district. The new district includes all of Sudbury; the town is no longer split between two Senate districts.

James Eldridge, the incumbent Democratic Senator, accepted the League’s invitation to record an hour-long candidates’ forum. Anthony Christakis, Republican of Wayland, declined the invitation.

League policy prohibits “empty chair” forums that feature only one candidate in a two-person race, so the Sudbury League will not hold the planned forum.

The League publishes an online voters’ guide, VOTE411.org, with information on elections and candidate information and responses to a League questionnaire.

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