General Election Coming Up Tuesday, November 8 - Here's Your Who, What, When and Where to Vote!

The next election in Sudbury is the statewide general election on Tuesday, November 8.

On the Ballot are the following statewide offices:

  • Representative in United States Congress

  • Governor

  • Lieutenant Governor

  • Attorney General

  • Secretary of State

  • State Treasurer

  • State Auditor

  • Governor's Council

  • State Senator

  • State Representative

  • District Attorney

  • Sheriff

  • County Commissioner (only in certain counties)

  • statewide ballot questions.*

*Ballots in some counties and communities may have additional local offices and questions.

For complete information on the upcoming election, including how and where to vote in Sudbury, candidate information, ballot questions and more, please visit

Voter Registration Deadline: October 29, 2022

Vote by Mail Application Deadline: November 1, 2022

Early Voting: October 22 - November 4

Election Day Polling Hours: Tuesday, November 8, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

More info on where when and how to vote in Sudbury can always be found on our Elections FAQ page.

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