Don't Overlook the Ballot Questions!

Be sure to turn your ballot over and vote on the four ballot questions on the back.

When you vote in the general election--whether you use a mailed ballot, vote early in-person, or vote on Election Day Nov. 3, be sure to turn your ballot over and vote on the four ballot questions on the back.

The first two questions are the statewide ballot questions. Question 1 is on the automobile right to repair issue. Question 2 would switch Massachusetts to a ranked choice voting system. The League of Women Voters urges a Yes vote on Question 2.

The third and fourth ballot questions are to approve Sudbury expenditures already approved at the Sept. 12 annual town meeting. A Yes vote Question 3 would permit Sudbury to purchase the CSX rail corridor between Route 20 and the Framingham line. A Yes vote on Question 4 would permit the construction of a new Fairbank senior/community center.

You can see specimen ballots and more detailed information on the ballot questions on the Town Clerk's website here:

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